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Sodexo’s restaurant at AstraZeneca Research & Development Center

Time to show off our new climate hero!

In July 2021, Sodexo UK committed to measuring and tracking the carbon footprint of the food they served at the AstraZeneca Research & Development center (RDC). To do this, they teamed up with Klimato to calculate, communicate, and report the climate impact of their meals to help change our diets to eat more climate-friendly food within our planetary boundaries.

For restaurants, typically 80-90% of their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions derive from their Scope 3 emissions, which are essentially the total carbon footprint of the food as it makes its way to the plate (along the value chain). 

Through Klimato’s platform, Sodexo is now able to calculate the carbon footprint of their recipes, carbon label their menus, and report sustainability KPIs over time. 

Tangible progress

“After using Klimato for three months now, I’m impressed by the user-friendliness of the app - it is very simple, clear and precise. Composition of new recipes is not too time-consuming, and monthly reporting is great to keep us updated on our progress.”

Karl Griffiths Head Chef Astra Zeneca Macclesfield

Since the launch in July, Sodexo has produced monthly sustainability reports for each restaurant site that is using Klimato. Even though it can take time to see any major results, customer feedback, as well as our collaboration, has been extremely positive.

“I’ve received excellent service from Klimato, they’re always just a quick email or text away”

Karl Griffiths Head Chef Astra Zeneca Macclesfield

At one restaurant site, AstraZeneca (RDC) reduced their average carbon footprint per serving from 0.9kg of CO2e in July to 0.8kg of CO2e in September. The average carbon footprint per serving in the UK is estimated to 1.7kg of CO2e and has to decrease to 0.5kg of CO2e if we are to eat in line with the Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the UN.

So, the AstraZeneca RDC restaurant is on track to reach this goal and we look forward to working with them over the next few years to keep lowering their carbon footprint - one meal at a time!