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What’s cooking in 2022 - Klimato predicts the top dining trends

Klimato brings you the top food and dining trends to look out for this year. Curious to learn about trending eating habits and restaurant management in 2022? Read on!

February 8, 2022

2021 was another strange year and one which has shaken up our dining habits. We’ve seen an explosion of food deliveries, more demand for local foods, and an absolute frenzy over home-baked bread. So… what’s cooking for 2022? Klimato has predicted the top food and dining trends for 2022 - read on to find out how and what we will be eating during the coming year!‍

Plant-based dishes

Plant-based dishes have been creeping into our dining habits for a while now, and 2022 is the year they will settle in for good. Whether it is for health concerns, ethical reason, or to care for the environment, plant-based dishes have become an absolute must on restaurant menus.

We've seen a massive increase of plant-based alternatives as a response to the growing demand. Brands like Hooked Foods, Beyond Meat, Vbites, Danish Crown’s Den Grønne Slagter, Flowfood, and Peas of Heaven are bringing fish and meat alternatives to restaurants, fast-food chains and the wider audience at home. Whether you want to diversify your protein intake, or look for that meaty or fishy taste but don’t want the climate and ethical impacts, this trend is here to stay and is becoming tastier by the minute!

Digitalising the dining experience

The restaurant industry has been rethinking the dining experience in the past years, especially as it had to constantly adapt during the pandemic to fit the ever-changing rules and regulations to keep diners and staff safe. The dining experience has seen changes from ordering on apps, implementing QR codes to access menus and robot waiters. Another big takeaway from this industry shift was, well… “takeaways”! We have witnessed an explosion of delivery apps and new concepts to take the restaurant dining experience home.

Becoming more digital and adapting your business to new habits wasn't just a response to the pandemic. The restaurant industry needs to adapt to the new normal and keep up with the digital transformation to stay relevant. In 2022, creativity, innovation and automation will be key for restaurants to attract guests and staff through the pandemic times and beyond.‍

More (environmentally) conscious consumers 

Whether opting for reusable takeaway containers, reducing food waste, or being curious about the health and planet benefits of certain foods and diets, consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious. Consumers have become more aware of issues such as health, the environment and wellbeing, and are asking for transparency and accountability. 

In light of that, in 2022 we can expect to hear a lot more about the climatarian and reducetarian diets, see consumers make food decisions based on planetary and health concerns, and see restaurant guests demanding less but higher quality animal products. A shift in mindset which will drive and compel the food industry to cater to those demands and come up with durable climate solutions.

Hyper-local food will be a growing (literally) trend in 2022

Hyper-local foods

With supply chain disruptions in the past year, people and companies had to start looking for alternative solutions to access the food they needed to eat and keep their business afloat. A noticeable way to do so has been to look around us and see what food we can grow and provide for ourselves, hyper-locally sourced within your neighbourhood.

With this push for hyper-local food, we will see an increase in urban farming and indoor gardening. We expect to see both restaurants and private individuals growing their own produce. So don't be surprised if you see veggies growing on balconies, terraces and rooftops instead of plants and flowers - it is a response to the growing awareness and popularity of knowing the origin of what we eat!

Smaller menus‍

Sorry to mention the pandemic again... Not only did it cause disruptions to the food supply chain, it also caused an uncertainty leading to less dining out (not to mention the restrictions). This made if difficult to plan menus as before - chefs had to adapt to budgets limitations and limited ingredient supply, not to mention the amount of food waste caused by changes in number of diners.

As a response, we can see that many restaurants are now reducing the number of dishes on their menu. Smaller but more carefully selected menus are therefore on the rise for 2022. If we dare speak from our tummies, we are all for a compact menu with more thought-through dishes!

Preserved ingredients

We all got a bit bored during lockdowns and experimented with whatever we had at home… But one thing that came out of our crazy scientist pass-time has definitely been rediscovering the joys of fermented, brined and pickled food. Truth is, experimenting with ingredients has a lot more benefits than just an activity to make time pass faster.

Preserving ingredients enables using the entire product, prolonging freshness and upcycling excess supply - three awesome ways to reduce food waste! It also adds funky and original flavours and textures to your dishes - good both on the palate and for the planet.

Whether you are a creative home chef or just like to stay on top of the hottest food trends, pickled and fermented is something to try both at home and when dining out during 2022.

Expect to see more preserved ingredients and fermented food in the coming year

‍2022 - the year of climate-conscious food?

To sum it all up, the past few years have taken their toll on the restaurant industry and altered our eating habits and the role that food and eating play in our lives. On a positive note, it has brought about great innovation and as you can probably tell from the trends above, there is a clear pattern that we are moving towards eating and dining in a more sustainable way.  It seems that what we like to call Klimatorian food is making its way into our lifestyles, one meal at a time.

That doesn’t just make us at Klimato happy, this is a much needed shift for the environment, climate, our planet and also our own health. As foodies, we at Klimato are excited to see if our trend predictions will become reality during 2022 and we look forward to another delicious eating year!

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