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Together for the planet - Sodexo and Klimato join forces

Klimato and Sodexo Norway enters a partnership to inspire more climate-friendly lunches across Norway

September 15, 2021

FM giant Sodexo and impact startup Klimato are joining forces to spearhead the sustainable transformation of Norwegian lunches. The partnership is the first of its kind in Norway, and aims to inspire and influence more informed food choices and climate-friendly eating habits. 

Klimato’s solution enables Sodexo’s chefs to calculate the climate impact of their recipes to create more sustainable menus. The climate footprint of each dish is displayed through climate labels on the menu to guide restaurant visitors to more climate-friendly eating by making it easy to compare the climate impact of different meals. By tracking food-related emissions and working with climate goals, Sodexo can easily monitor their progress towards reducing the climate impact of food served across Norway. From September, 50 Sodexo-managed restaurant sites throughout the country, including the office canteens at DNB, BNP Paribas and Microsoft, will start climate labelling all menus and track their progress towards serving more climate-friendly food.

Erik Olsen, Head of Growth at Klimato: “Together with Sodexo, we have the opportunity to create impact at a large scale due to the reach of this global organisation.”

Collaboration and joint efforts will be crucial to reach the UN’s global climate goals, and collaboration is also the guiding light behind this partnership. By making this commitment, Sodexo can educate and empower both kitchen staff and restaurant guests to actively participate in the sustainable transformation that is needed to reduce the impact of climate change on our planet.

Kirstine Holst, Director Sustainable Business Development at Sodexo: “We make efforts to reduce food waste and introduce more plant-based menus to lower our carbon footprint, but we depend on our restaurant guests to be aware of, and support the efforts from the kitchen. Klimato’s climate labels are easy to understand and built on smart technology, and as a large company we need collaborations with innovative startups like Klimato to always be one step ahead in our sustainability work.”

The food industry accounts for over one quarter of global emissions. By choosing meals with a low climate impact, we can take pride in having a sustainable diet and eating within the planetary boundaries, but even small adjustments to our diets can have a large positive impact on the climate if adopted by many. The partnership between Sodexo and Klimato marks an important first step in raising the awareness of how our eating habits affect climate change, and together we hope to inspire other restaurants to follow suit and be part of the change by embarking on their own sustainability journey.

About Klimato

The food industry accounts for nearly one third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, making it one of the single largest contributors to climate change. Klimato is a startup on the mission to reduce the climate impact from food by helping food businesses calculate, communicate and report the climate footprint per dish they serve. Klimato’s climate labels inspire and encourage chefs and restaurant guests to choose more climate-friendly, which coupled with a reporting function makes it easy to set goals, reduce food-related emissions and track progress to combat climate change - one meal at a time. 

About Sodexo

Sodexo S.A. is a family-owned global company listed on the French Euronext exchange (CAC), and is today the world's 19th largest employer with operations in over 60 countries, over 420,000 employees, and over 190 billion NOK in turnover. Sodexo is also included in the CAC 40 ESG Index as one out of 40 companies within the CAC Large 60 Index (the 60 largest listed companies) that demonstrate the best Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practice. Sodexo in Norway provides canteen and FM services in the Norwegian corporate market and offshore, and aims to be Norway's leading FM player in sustainable operations. 

For more information, please contact:

Erik Olsen, Head of Growth at Klimato

Kirstine Holst, Director Sustainable Business Development at Sodexo

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