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Klimato joins the Sting incubator

We are taking the next big step in our startup journey - come along!

September 3, 2019

If you have ever attended an entrepreneurship class or been peeking in on a webinar about innovation you’ve probably stumbled upon a bunch of cheeky start-up terms, abbreviations and actors. VC’s , Business Angels, CAC, exit-strategy, term-sheet, the list can go on forever but one term which absorbs all these terms into one Erik-Backmanish-superterm is; The startup ecosystem.

This refers to actors such as incubators, business angels, accelerators, investors and others alike. Luckily for us, Stockholm has a great ecosystem where incubators, accelerators, business angels and VC’s are doing nothing else but pitching their latest innovation to each other whilst cruising around on a VOI on their way to someone else’s co-working space.

Jokes aside, we at Klimato are really grateful for the support we have gotten from this system. From being sent to Shanghai by our brave mentors at KTH, to pitch at the Nobel Innovation and Entrepreneurship competition, to being able to test our first beta together with customers through the SPARX program. Lately we’ve spent time in the EIT incubator program, using a European platform to launch the Klimato-app internationally.

In recent months, we've spent the European Institute of Technology's incubator program learning from other food-tech entrepreneurs. Of course, we would like to say that our groundbreaking solution to help restaurants reduce their carbon footprint brought us here, but of course we are also cruelly grateful for all the help and support we have received. Now it's time to say goodbye to our energetic, smart, and sometimes crazy mentors at KTH and instead move on to the next chapter together with STING.

The STING incubator program, voted as the Nr. 1 incubator program in Sweden by Nordic startup awards is run by talented coaches and entrepreneurs with long experience. For us, this path feels natural to find new experimental ways to expand as a company and most importantly, to keep developing solutions to tackle climate change.

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