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Klimato in numbers 2022

The results for 2022 are in! We are extremely proud of everything we have accomplished together with our amazing customers to continue reducing emissions from food.

February 7, 2023

Woo hoo! The results for 2022 are in, and they are simply scrumptious! We are so proud of what we've accomplished together with our fantastic customers. It wasn't easy, but with your unwavering commitment to sustainability, we've managed to make a difference in reducing emissions from food!

We want to extend a massive thank you and a well-deserved round of applause to all the businesses, big or small, who embarked on their sustainability journey with Klimato. Here's a glimpse of Klimato's impact in numbers for 2022 and what they mean for the restaurant industry and Mother Nature.

The Klimato family

484 customers in 11 countries have joined forces with us to reduce their carbon footprint. And, we've gone global! We're proud to have made our mark in the Netherlands, UAE, Hong Kong, and Germany, partnering with cool brands like Pizza Express, Violife Professional, Food Made Good, and Poké Perfect, as well as expanding our reach to hotels, universities, and events like Sail GP and Øyafestivalen. 

Klimato tool stats

At Klimato, we're all about making sustainable eating a breeze, both for you and for the planet. In 2022, our customers got their cooking hats on and whipped up 26,083 delicious and sustainable recipes, serving a grand total of 9,680,000 meals!

Apart from the recipe calculator - our reporting system is a real game-changer, taking the stress out of tracking your environmental impact. Simply upload your sales or purchasing data, and voila! You'll have a clear and colourful picture of your progress. And the best part? Many of our customers love to show off their success, whether it's to their staff or the world. So go ahead and display that report with pride! It's the ultimate pat on the back for your sustainable efforts.

Lower carbon footprint per dish

Our customers sure have served up some seriously sustainable results! We're absolutely thrilled that the average carbon footprint of a Klimato dish has gone from 1.1 kg CO2e in 2021 to a sizzling 0.8 kg CO2e in 2022. That's less than half the global average of 1.7 kg CO2e - talk about a recipe for success!

And it doesn't stop there! Our loyal customers who have been with us since 2021 have kept their sustainability game strong and reduced their footprint even further by an average of 7.6%. We couldn't be prouder of our community of eco-warriors and their commitment to making the world a better, more delicious place.

Selling more climate-friendly food

56.70% of all meals sold by Klimato customers in 2022 were climate-friendly, meaning more than half of all recipes sold have an impact of 0.5 kg CO2e or lower! This is even a 7.09% increase from the previous year! Carbon labels on menus do make a difference, and customers are increasingly supportive of transparent messaging on sustainability. Our customers have provided plenty of options, including pushing the plant-based option as the default choice, and it has surely paid off.

Reducing the climate impact from food

Thanks to our customers' commitment, they've collectively saved 8,712 tonnes of CO2e in 2022! To put this number in perspective, it is the same impact as flying around earth 1452 times, or removing 6223 cars from the road for a whole year.

By using Klimato’s calculator to identify hotspots in recipes and making small ingredient swaps, you can make a significant impact. Simple swaps such as using lentils instead of meat or reducing beef and adding lower impact meats like pork or chicken can have a dramatic positive effect.

In conclusion

To wrap it up, we're taking our mission to reduce carbon footprint in the food industry to new heights! With our tailored country-specific databases, we're empowering customers to make more informed and sustainable choices.

We're thrilled to have expanded our customer base, partnering with industry leaders and hosting eco-friendly events. Seeing the positive impact of our work, as our customers serve more climate-friendly dishes and spread awareness, has been truly inspiring.

Let's raise a glass to an even brighter future in 2023! With our passion for sustainability and relentless drive, there's no doubt that this year will be even better than the last. Let's make it one for the history books!

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