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Klimato's Climate Impact Report 2021

We are looking back on what happened in 2021. Are you curious to know Klimato's climate impact on the restaurant and hospitality industry and the planet? Read on!

February 14, 2022

Another year has passed, bringing its own unique set of challenges, opportunities and surprises. It wasn’t an easy one for the restaurant and hospitality industry, but Klimato, together with our fantastic customers, have continued working to reduce the climate impact from food.

Below we are sharing Klimato’s impact in numbers for 2021 and what they mean for the restaurant industry and our planet. At the end of the post we also share a downloadable version of the Klimato Climate Impact Report 2021.

The Klimato Family

The restaurant industry has shown a great appetite for climate solutions, and more restaurants recognise the importance of accountability and working towards lowering their food-related emissions. 2021 saw Klimato work with 220 restaurants across 4 markets; Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the United Kingdom. 

A great milestone for Klimato in 2021 was expanding outside of Scandinavia and opening an office in the UK. One highlight of this expansion was definitely receiving global recognition from climate labelling COP26 together with one of our UK partners.

Expanding our network of users and putting the climate impact of food on the UN’s agenda during the first ever climate labelled climate conference has allowed us to further grow our impact. Read on to find out what the Klimato Family has accomplished together in 2021!

Lower carbon footprint per dish

In 2021, Klimato’s solution has provided a noticeable and tangible impact as we saw a 14.8% carbon footprint reduction per dish when comparing the average carbon footprint per dish in 2021 vs 2020. 

To put this number in context, the average carbon footprint of a Klimato dish in 2021 was 1.1kg CO2e, while the average carbon footprint of a lunch or dinner is 1.7kg CO2e in Scandinavia and 1.6kg CO2e in the UK. So not only does an average Klimato dish have a lower climate impact compared to an average national dish, our tool also provides the insights to reduce the carbon footprint further. Well, that is some pretty great news!

Selling more climate-friendly food

In 2021, we saw a 26% increase in climate-friendly dishes sold. This fantastic increase shows that Klimato’s solution helps both restaurant chefs and hungry guests with adapting menus and behaviours. 

Chefs can adapt their recipes based on instant feedback in our app, and create dishes with lower climate impact for restaurant guests to choose from. From the guest perspective, climate labelled menus educate guests on the climate impact of food, empower them to make more informed food choices, and nudge them to choose more climate-friendly options. It’s a win-win, because who doesn’t want food that both tastes good and does good for the planet?!

*At Klimato, we define a climate-friendly dish as one with a carbon footprint of 0.5kg CO2e or less. This is in line with guidelines on how to eat within the planetary boundaries according to WWF Sweden, which in turn is conceptualised based on definitions by the IPCC of the UN.

Reducing the climate impact from food

In 2021, Klimato users saved 7284 tonnes of CO2e. This is an emission reduction of 455% compared to 2020.

So what do we mean by CO2e saved? We are talking about the emissions that would have been emitted if our customers were not using the Klimato tool to calculate, track, and adapt the carbon footprint of their dishes. It’s no coincidence that Klimato’s slogan is ‘one meal at a time’ - the emission reduction proves that small improvements really do have a collective positive impact on the climate and our planet. 

To conclude

2021 has been our most impactful year to date! We continue to see an increased demand for accountability and transparency, by restaurants and their guests. The numbers above show that awareness, communication and continuous tracking make a significant difference for our planet.

Together with our customers we are shaping the future of the restaurant and hospitality industry. In 2021, the Klimato Family has had a positive impact on the industry, diners’ eating habits and the climate, and this impact will only become greater in 2022 and beyond. We’re excited for another impactful year and look forward to keep fighting climate change - one meal at a time! 

Download Klimato Climate Impact Report 2021

You can download our Klimato Climate Impact Report here

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