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How a climate labelled croissant made the French question everything

Catering company Levy partnered with Swedish startup Klimato to bring food on the agenda at COP26 by climate labelling the food at the event.

November 15, 2021

Ouh la la, what just happened at COP26? Food may not have been on the menu, but climate labels were. Catering company Levy partnered with Swedish startup Klimato to enable COP26 guests to choose their food wisely. Through Klimato’s climate labels, attendees were made aware of the carbon footprint of the dishes they ordered and could compare how their choices had different impacts. 

After a plant-based croissant was labelled incorrectly, the Minister for the Ecological Transition of France  took to social media to urge for a breakfast change, suggesting people should switch the buttery flakes of heaven for a healthier and more climate-friendly alternative. Before Klimato could resolve the issue,  the incident had caused an international food affair covered by The Telegraph and BBC Radio 4 among  others. Clearly, climate labels create impact... A buzz around the labels also caught the eye of The Washington Post and TIME Magazine, who questioned the choice to include meat on the menu at all, whilst also highlighting the positive impact of the labels in raising awareness about the impact of  different foods. 

With carbon calculations and labelling, food businesses have a unique opportunity to not only set  ambitious climate goals, but to reach them and inspire others to be ambitious and accountable too.  Following the event, a UN Special Envoy stated that food will now be on the agenda for COP27, meaning  countries will have to include food in their national goals. Whether that had to do with our climate labels  we will leave unsaid… 

About Klimato 

The food industry accounts for over one quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, making it one of the  single largest contributors to climate change. Klimato is a start-up on the mission to reduce the climate impact from  food by helping restaurants calculate, communicate and report on the carbon footprint per dish they serve.  Klimato’s carbon footprint calculations and climate labels guide and inspire chefs and restaurant guests to choose  more climate-friendly food, which coupled with a reporting function make it easy to set sustainability goals, reduce  food-related emissions and track progress to combat climate change - one meal at a time. 


Henric Hansson, COO & Founder

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