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4 ways to make your restaurant more sustainable

During 2020, Klimato users reduced their emissions by 1613 tonnes of CO2e. We are sharing 4 tips that we picked up in the past year to make your restaurant more sustainable.

February 3, 2021

During 2020, our users reduced their emissions by on average 13.3 tonnes of CO2e per restaurant, resulting in a whopping reduction of 1613 tonnes of CO2e during last year.

As we are spearheading rapidly into the new year, we want to share some tricks that we picked up along the bumpy ride that was 2020 to help make your restaurant more climate friendly in 2021.

  1. Vegan comfort food - Google trends showed a 130% increase of the search term “Vegan comfort food” during 2020. Turns out that including more vegan alternatives on the menu is a winning recipe for delivery services to create a popular menu in COVID-19-times.
  2. Take to the mushrooms - Replacing beef with Portobello mushrooms in poké bowls is one of the secrets behind Stockholm-based Favos climate success. In 2020, Favo increased the proportion of climate-friendly dishes sold to 50%.
  3. Meat substitutes – Finding the right meat substitutes can make or break the launch of vegan or vegetarian alternatives on your menu. Bastard Burger's collaboration with vegan influencer Gustav Johansson "Jävligt Gott" was a move to ensure that no quality was lost when introducing a whole separate menu of vegan alternatives. Beyond Burger was used for the patty, complimented by pea-based mayonnaise and Violife vegan cheese. By introducing the vegan menu separate from their standard meat-based menu, Bastard Burgers increased sales of climate-friendly food by 300%
  4. Start small, but most importantly, start! We have seen many restaurants and chefs take their first steps towards climate-friendly restaurant concepts. They all have one thing in common: Instead of changing the entire menu at once, chefs have experimented with new climate-friendly substitutes and alternative dishes to start their journey towards a greener menu.

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